Best acne treatment in Bangkok

Best Acne Treatment in Bangkok, Thailand

Acne Clear Plus at Puttharaksa Aesthetic is considered one of the most effective acne treatments in Bangkok. From a survey, more than 90% of clients see their acne conditions improve after the first session and strong results after 3-4 sessions. It has become a popular acne treatment due to effective results since 2005. Until now, the Acne Clear Plus program at Puttharaksa Aesthetic has helped more than 10,000 clients with various Acne problems. There are several reviews with high scores given by clients on social media.

The Valuable Components of Acne Clear Plus

To provide the best result for acne problems within a short period of time, it requires a combination of effective facial treatment, creams and acne extraction from an experienced therapist.

1. Acne Care facial treatment:

– To reduce skin irritation, inflammation, inflamed acne (pimples), and comedonal acne.
– To hasten the skin healing process.
– To restructure the skin to return to the normal stage after having acne for a long time.

2. Acne extraction: to quickly remove comedonal acne (blackheads and whiteheads extraction).

3. Three effective creams for daily use at home: to reduce and prevent acne.

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